The machine tool industry Shengshi exhibition under the 12th Five-Year Plan

As we all know, during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China's machine tool industry has achieved unprecedented success. In 2009, the total output value of the machine tool industry reached 401.4 billion yuan. The output of machine tools, especially the output of CNC machine tools, was very fast. The total output value of machine tools was ranked in the world. The first one has become a veritable consumer power.

Then, the proposed “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” proposal of the country will inevitably have a far-reaching impact on the future development of China's machine tool, and it has an important turning point. The introduction of a series of policies will also bring good to China's machine tool industry. Development Opportunities. How to maintain the healthy, rapid and sustainable development momentum of the whole industry is the problem that the machine tool industry should further study and solve in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. It is necessary to put forward some practical measures and means around the existing problems and difficulties. To solve it, the machine tool industry will embark on a sustainable and rapid development path.

Wang Ruixiang, president of the Machinery Industry Association, once said at the industry conference: "In the '12th Five-Year' period, in the new round of industrial restructuring and industrial transformation and upgrading, the machine tool industry should optimize the structure, improve product quality and enhance the industry. Supporting capacity and eliminating backward production capacity are the development priorities. With structural adjustment and transformation of development as the main line, with scientific and technological innovation as the support, market-oriented, accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises, enhance new product development capabilities and brand creation capabilities, and promote traditional industries. Optimize and upgrade, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries as a central link; accelerate the promotion of energy-saving emission reduction and green environmental protection manufacturing as a breakthrough; strengthen core key technology research and development, break through key areas, and actively improve the informationization level of machine tool industry." Visible, technology The development trend of innovation, brand creation, energy conservation and environmental protection is imperative. Every enterprise should seriously consider how to grasp this opportunity at the beginning of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and lay a foundation for the historic leap of the machine tool industry.

Technological innovation is the support
At present, scientific and technological progress, independent innovation, and improvement of the core competitiveness of the industry are the key to the development of the machine tool industry. Wang Ruixiang once pointed out that the principle of combining new product development capabilities and brand creation capabilities with the elimination of backward production capacity should be adhered to, and the level of basic technology, basic materials, basic components research and development and system integration should be improved. Extensively adopt new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, and use high-tech and advanced applicable technologies such as electronic information to transform and upgrade existing industries and products. Increase efforts to improve independent innovation capabilities, vigorously cultivate strategic emerging industries, adapt to international competition, expand domestic demand, energy conservation and environmental protection requirements, vigorously develop marketable varieties, carry out product innovation, accelerate product upgrading, and strive to cultivate independent intellectual property rights. , independent brands, new products and new industries with strong competitiveness.

Adjustment structure, product upgrades, and independent innovation have become the consensus of all. At present, a large number of domestic machine tool products are still in the low-end, and some key core technologies in the high-end field are not in the hands. Therefore, one direction of development is technological innovation and application of new technologies. New technologies, new materials, combined with high-tech to transform and upgrade products, improve product quality and ensure product accuracy, these are urgent problems to be solved. In particular, as the "short board" of the machine tool industry, the numerical control system and key functional components must also take advantage of various national special projects to improve technological innovation and product innovation in the high-end manufacturing field.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's machine tool industry is in urgent need of a number of high-level, large-scale products and brands with independent intellectual property rights, as well as large-scale enterprise groups that have the ability to compete in the international market. "Special, new", focusing on a certain field, doing a sophisticated enterprise. Large enterprises need to cultivate product brands with independent intellectual property rights, improve their international competitiveness, and develop in a stronger direction. Enterprises that are sophisticated must also accelerate the transformation and form characteristic products with high production concentration and complementary advantages as soon as possible, and enhance the industry's ability to resist risks and resist shocks.

In-depth technological exploration and technological innovation for strategic emerging industries involved in the “12th Five-Year Plan” proposals, such as new energy vehicles, high-speed railways, rail transit, shipbuilding, etc., to provide users with special equipment and expand service new field. Guided by policy support and planning recommendations, we will strengthen core technology research and development, and seize the market at the fastest speed, making it bigger and stronger. At present, there are excellent cases. For example, Hangzhou Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has developed a large-scale key equipment for the construction of high-speed railway, MKB7025 CNC track plate special grinding machine, which has firmly grasped the history of China's high-speed railway construction entering rapid development. Sexual opportunities, for the Beijing-Shanghai line, Jintang line, Shiwu line, Shanghai-Nanjing line, Shanghai-Hangzhou line, Hangzhou-Ningbo line and other six high-speed rail projects, special orders for track plate grinding machines, the output value reached 190 million yuan.

Self-owned brand building is the way
In response to the "development of advanced manufacturing", many industry experts have proposed to use a variety of ways to cultivate their own brands during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, to give play to the important supporting role of manufacturing in economic development, and to point out that technological innovation is the prerequisite for cultivating independent brands. .

At present, China, which ranks 4th in the global manufacturing industry, is becoming the manufacturing center of the world and has obvious comparative advantages. However, we cannot ignore the weakness of our own: the gap between independent brand building and independent research and development. Self-owned brand construction is a strategic choice for enterprises to create differentiated brands under the trend of global competition, in the trend of increasingly homogenization of products, technologies and services. The author believes that for decades, China's machine tool industry through learning and digestion and absorption, while doing the big machine tool industry this cake, did not completely get rid of the big but not strong dilemma, the problem lies in the brand. Only more companies understand how to establish their own brand development strategy, can enhance the brand competitiveness of the entire country, and make China's advanced manufacturing industry based on the world.

In order to enable enterprises to break through the bottleneck of existing development and solve the problem of “big but not strong”, Shenyang Machine Tool has launched a new trampoline and new CAK in 2010 from the breakthrough of core technology and product structure adjustment. New five types of CNC machine tools, such as Xinlijia, Xinweijia, and new CNC vehicles, will be mass-produced in 2011, eventually forming an annual production capacity of 30,000 units, and upgrading the product grade of Shenyang machine tools as a whole; The OEM method creates a brand-new socialized manufacturing system, which enhances the overall processing capacity of machine tool manufacturing in Shenyang and ultimately realizes brand management.

As one of the important tasks of industrial restructuring, the key to developing advanced manufacturing is to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing, develop strategic emerging industries, enhance independent innovation capabilities, master core technologies and key technologies, enhance the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the overall industry. Technical level. In the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, China's machine tool industry can only achieve greater development by transforming to high-end and frontier.

New energy development and energy conservation and emission reduction
At present, the energy consumption of mechanical products in the process of use is calculated according to 21 categories of mechanical and electrical products, and its electricity consumption accounts for about 70% of the national energy consumption. However, the energy efficiency of energy-consuming equipment is very low. Small and medium-sized motors, fans and pumps are 5 percentage points lower than the advanced level of developed countries, and the system operation efficiency is nearly 20%. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, we will promote changes in energy production and utilization methods and build a safe, stable, economic, and clean modern energy industry system. Accelerate the development of new energy sources and promote the clean and efficient use of traditional energy sources.

For the machine tool industry, we must first pay close attention to the phenomenon of overcapacity and backward production capacity in our production field, and do a good job in industrial restructuring and the elimination of outdated products. Encourage the use of advanced processing techniques and means to encourage the development of circular economy, support and guide the development of energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving, intelligent high value-added products, improve the self-sufficiency rate of machinery and equipment.

Second, while reducing energy consumption, it must provide a manufacturing base for the new energy sector. This requires close attention to the new trends in the development of emerging industries, efforts in the development of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, high-end products, and strive to seize the commanding heights of international industry competition. Increase the production line of new energy and new materials. Among them, Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. successfully developed the CNC multi-wire wafer cutting machine for photovoltaic industry equipment, which is worthy of reference and reference.

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" brings unlimited insults to people. In 2010, China's machine tool industry has basically formed the leading ability of industrial development, resource allocation and market development; independent development of basic products and technological innovation capabilities; industrial structure adjustment has achieved results; energy saving, material saving, environmental protection, safety and development of circular economy technology The application will also reach the international advanced level and participate in international competition to achieve sustainable development. Along with the state's support policies for the machine tool industry and economic globalization, more exciting breakthroughs will be achieved in the broader machinery manufacturing sector.



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Grade ASTM A36 / JIS SS400
Brand Name cstars
Size Thickness: 0.3-120mm
Width: 500-2000mm
Length: 1-6m

1) Handrail

2) Elevator Cabin

3) Construction Field

4) Kitchen Equipment

5) Ships building industry

6) Machinery and hardware fields

7) Military and electricity industries

8) Petroleum and Chemical industries

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Hot Rolled Sheet

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