How to identify the quality of steel doors and windows with simple methods

The prices of steel doors and windows on the market are now quite different, and the quality is also good or bad. As an ordinary consumer, is there any simple way to identify the quality of steel doors and windows?

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To identify the quality of steel doors and windows, first of all depends on the material, which is UPVC profiles. Good UPVC profiles should be multi-cavity, well-designed, and relatively thick walls. In the formulation of high-quality UPVC profiles, because of the addition of anti-aging agents and anti-ultraviolet auxiliaries, the appearance color of the UPVC profile should be white, blue, and smooth. Such UPVC profiles can remain in the outdoor environment without aging, no discoloration, no deformation. The poor quality of the profile due to its too much calcium in the formula, the general performance is yellow in the white, sun protection ability is very weak, it is easy to aging, cracking. When purchasing plastic steel doors and windows, consumers can compare the cross-sections of different profiles together for initial identification through color and feel.

Second, consumers can identify the quality of steel doors and windows from hardware accessories. High-quality plastic steel doors and windows of hardware accessories are made of metal, high strength, and some poor quality steel doors and windows are made of plastic material hardware, which will have a bad impact on the quality of doors and windows and life.

Finally, consumers can look at the details of the steel doors and windows, such as whether the welding angle is neat, whether the sash window or the flat window is flexible when used, whether the sealing of doors and windows is tight and so on.

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