Fully automatic machining of engine blocks

The cylinder is an important part of the automobile engine. It connects the machine with many parts of the components and the exhaust pipes in a single unit, keeping them in the correct position and moving in coordination with each other. Since the cylinder block is a complex structural component t

Britain invents edible eco-friendly water bottles to re…

According to British media reports, British researchers have invented an edible eco-friendly water bottle that could end the problem of hundreds of millions of plastic bottles being discarded each year. Ooho water bottle looks like jellyfish, odorless, it uses a "spherification" (spher

Every major liability accident should be excavated

Severe accountability afterwards, although it is impossible to turn back the clock, to avoid major accidents, at least in order to effectively prevent others, wake up relevant officials and reduce the occurrence of major accidents caused by man-made disasters. The Supreme People’s Procurator

The lack of protective equipment to work fatigue warfar…

In recent years, mechanical accidents have occurred in various production and processing units in our city. Among them, many mechanical injuries were caused by employees directly operating or repairing machinery and equipment while the machinery and equipment were not shut down. As a result, the em

The future development trend of marble tiles

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for life is also getting higher and higher. People begin to pay attention to the decorative functions of ceramic tiles, not just considering its practical functions. Therefore, the marble tiles that combine the natural textu

Nantong's first domestic latex gloves production en…

Recently, the two production lines of Nantong Jinboyi Gloves Co., Ltd. in Cao'e Town have been completed and put into operation, becoming the first household latex gloves manufacturer in Nantong. It is understood that Nantong Jinboyi Gloves Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 35 million yuan a

Bathroom: “Hitchhiking” harms the industry

The sanitary ware has entered China for more than 20 years and has developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 3,000 large and small enterprises in China, among which there are no shortage of brands that have been “struggling” after becoming stronger and bigger, and have

Changsha Hengfeng: New plant construction project start…

Abstract At the beginning of 2014, Changsha Hengfeng Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. successfully purchased 30 mu of land and the new plant project was officially launched. Changsha Hengfeng Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. mainly produces synthetic diamond raw materials at the beginning, with the

China's phosphate fertilizer can only be mined for …

The production of any substance is based on the premise of energy consumption and resources. For fertilizer production, the production of nitrogen fertilizers consumes more energy, but as long as the sun exists, energy will be inexhaustible; seawater is a huge pool of potassium, as long as

Simple four steps to teach you to maintain the door and…

According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, at present, most consumers lack understanding of door and window hardware when purchasing doors and windows, lacking correct judgment and sufficient understanding. However, in the doors and windows, the role of hardware and accessories is an es