Hardware Tool Technology Upgrade

In recent years, although China's hardware and tools industry is not small development, but far behind the development of the machine tool industry. According to statistics, China's current annual sales of tools are 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of cemented carbide too

U.S. Casino City's Smart High-Tech Streetlight: Vid…

American Science & Technology Las Vegas is testing the installation of high-tech lights, it is not only the lighting function, but also play music and control the electronic billboards over the wireless network, the future can also install video and audio monitor. However, residents are wo

Aluminum surface treatment

[China Aluminum Industry Network] Aluminum products are common materials in daily life, but many people do not understand aluminum surface treatment technology. The following surface treatment technologies for aluminum materials are mainly based on different requirements. Treatment process. 1. Ano

Stage electric hoist performance

Assembling and manufacturing electric hoist is a kind of chain electric hoist. Its speciality is that the stage hoist can be used upside down. It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of the tour and roving exhibition. The balance and reliability requirements are

Global alumina production report for October 2013

Summary October 2013 Global Alumina Production Report Global alumina production report for October 2013 Azithromycin is manufactured by CSPC OUYI which is the main API product in CSPC OUYI which is the largest azithromycin manufacturer in China with capacity of 600MT per year. The pr

How to choose architectural lighting LED lights

"Architectural Lighting Design Standard GB50034-2004" (hereinafter referred to as "Standard") is the most important standard for architectural engineers to design and apply lighting appliances. It includes quantitative indicators of various architectural lighting designs su

Network camera market is not ideal

The popularity of the network camera market is not ideal. China's current security products are constantly advancing, but there is a problem that the network cameras have not yet been popularized. This is also related to China's domestic situation. So what is the specific cause of

China's automobile aftermarket output value is expe…

Abstract The number of car ownership of 120 million vehicles and the increase of more than 10 million vehicles per year make China's automotive aftermarket market optimistic for the industry. The blue book of China's automotive aftermarket released recently announced that the Chinese

In order to personal safety with a good helmet

According to everyone's knowledge, the safety helmet is an indispensable safety product for construction people. He can guarantee people's head safety during construction, so let's talk about the usefulness of the helmet and the issues to pay attention to when purchasing. A safety helm