Shanghai spot copper price chart November 13

Shanghai spot copper price chart November 13 Description      Temporary Fence Also called temporary fence brace or stay used to support the temporary fence panel in high wind area finish by hot dipped galvanized 42 microns thickness,per stay required two fence clam

What are the characteristics of the new nano-coatings?

With the continuous development of nanotechnology, nano-coatings have appeared in the coatings industry, and its appearance has certainly attracted the attention of many people. Nano-coating is the product of the docking of nano-materials and coatings, and it is a high-tech fu

New materials help cars efficiently store gas fuels

U.S. researchers have developed a flexible hole material to solve the low-pressure and room-temperature storage problems of gas fuels, help extend the range of natural gas-powered vehicles, and reduce pressure deployment requirements for gas stations. This m

GDL multi-stage pump features

GDL multistage pump is more suitable for boiler feed water, but also widely used in pressure vessel water supply, hot water circulation, high-rise building water supply, farmland irrigation, fire pressurization, hydraulic irrigation, food, chemical processes and machine tools Supporting industries

GDL multi-stage pump technical parameters

GDL multistage pump has the advantages of high efficiency, easy maintenance, low noise, so for everyone to understand the technical parameters of it? If you do not understand, now we will introduce the GDL multistage pump Technical parameters, as follows: GDL multistage pump technical parameters 1,

Imitation stone paint coating countermeasures

In recent years, in the field of exterior wall decoration, the development of imitation stone coatings can be described as a day-to-day, due to its energy-saving and environmental protection, the effect of stone-like effect is realistic and the cost is relatively cheaper than

Engineering plastic diaphragm pump precautions

Engineering Plastics diaphragm pump uses a wide range of purposes, can be used in food, mining, sewage and other industries, then when using the pump, you should pay attention to what matters? If you are interested in such issues, Next to introduce the use of plastic diaphragm pump precautions. Eng

Sanitary partition size Sanitary partition notice

The price of public toilet partitions is mainly determined by the material and size of the partitions. Currently, there are four types of materials for public toilet partitions: artificial panel partitions, natural stone partitions, composite panel partitions, and plastic partitions. When designin

Pipe inner coating technology

Cui Tao, Song Xuqiang: Pipeline inner coating technology, oil and gas storage and transportation, 2000, 19 (12) caliber derusting and process technology prefabricated in the spraying plant, pointed out the gap with foreign coating technology , aimed at accelerating the research of coating technology

Modern fault diagnosis method for electrical equipment

With the development of economic construction and the increase in the degree of electrification, electrical equipment has been widely used in various fields of industrial production, and the timely and accurate detection of potential and existing faults in electrical equipment is an important mea