Specific selection of thermal insulation asphalt pump a…

The insulated asphalt pump uses compressed air as the power source. For various corrosive liquids, liquid with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, can be selected for the specific selection of the exhausted and insulated asphalt pump. And the method of extending th

Lining rubber pipe manufacturing technology

Rubber lined steel application technology. Rubber lined steel pipes can effectively ensure the safety of steel pipes and reduce the probability of accidents. In addition to the installation of relevant safety valves for inspection equipment in pipelines, some main pipelines must also be protected by

Accident Analysis of Many People with Acute Nitrogen Ox…

News Related Keywords: No tags. Analysis of Cases of Acute Nitrogen Oxide Poisoning in Many People 1. ACCIDENTS June 2, 1993 a Chemical Industrial Company nitrate nitrogen fertilizer plant shop parking annual overhaul plan. After stopping, it is necessary to pickle 2 caustic towers. Prior to pic

The opportunities and challenges of the coal-to-natural…

Supply exceeds supply is the basic supply and demand pattern of natural gas in China, and domestic natural gas production cannot meet the rapidly increasing consumption. Every year, China imports large amounts of natural gas from abroad. Therefore, using China's abundant coal resources

How to layout the bedroom furniture? Great attention

Bedroom furniture includes beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressing tables and bedside tables, as well as bedding and more. They are undoubtedly the protagonists in the bedroom, a good set of bedroom furniture, especially beds, can change a person's quality of life. But do yo

New materials in mobile phone casings bring a new revol…

Abstract Plastic, glass, metal, and mobile phone casings have finally ushered in the "world" of warm and jade-free ceramic materials without signal shielding after several generations of material changes. â–¼Mobile phone with ceramic mobile phone backplane Plastic, glass, metal

Ye Jun: What can we do to realize the industry dream?

Abstract After the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the overall decline of the electric machine tool industry in 2009, with the promotion of 4 trillion yuan, the industry as a whole rebounded in 2010, but did not reach the highest value at the peak of the industry development, and be

Can a push-type scrubber suck dust?

Hand-push type scrubbers, also called scrubbers, are mainly used to clean the floor and suck dry ground sewage. So, can we use the scrubber as a vacuum cleaner? In fact, in principle, the vacuum cleaner of the scrubber is the same as the motor of the vacuum cleaner. However, we cannot use floor scr