China's first self-developed high-performance universal chip officially listed

Different from the "specialized in the industry", the professional chip designed for a specific application and field, a universal chip with a fingernail size, can be rewritten and programmed in software, and can be used in high-precision medical equipment and factories. Flexible "cross-border" in large industrial systems such as large industrial control instruments and brilliant giant display drivers, acting as their "brains." Yesterday, I learned from the Zhongguancun Management Committee that China’s first self-developed high-performance universal chip has been officially launched.

In the chip world, "Universal Chips" has always been a major town of "Wulin Masters" in the field of wide application and high development threshold. Since the 1970s, more than 60 top technology companies, including Samsung and Motorola, have been working on the “Universal Chip” project. In a few years, a small investment of 80 million US dollars, and more than hundreds of millions of dollars in the universal chip project, but all failed.

Where is the difficulty in the development of universal chips? Liu Ming, the founder of the universal chip and the founder of Jingwei Yage, made a very interesting metaphor: If the chip is like a carpenter, then the professional chip only needs the carpenter to look at the material and skillfully use the axe saw. Drilling and other tools can make decent products. For a universal chip, you need a "super carpenter", not only can you draw your own drawings, but also you can create a variety of axe saws and drills that are not available in the market. tool.

“In 2010, we released the first self-developed universal chip in China, but the performance of the first high-performance universal chip released recently has been several times higher than that of a few years ago.” Jingwei Yage is responsible for People introduced. Take the medical device industry as an example. The entry-level universal chip that they introduced a few years ago can be used on small devices such as portable sphygmomanometers. Today, the high-performance universal chip that has been introduced can already be used in such high data processing requirements as CT machines. Play a key role.

Compared with the universal chip with high performance, the development of a high-performance universal chip can be completed not only by adopting advanced configuration and simple splicing of each component of the chip. A universal chip consists of multiple parts such as memory, processing unit, function module and software. When each part adopts the most advanced configuration on the mainstream market, it can work together to create a super-powerful "Transformer".

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