Analysis on the characteristics of stainless steel precision casting processing technology

Stainless steel precision casting has higher mechanical properties than cast iron, but its casting performance is worse than that of cast iron. It is called investment casting or precision casting. Its melting point is high, steel liquid is easy to oxidize, molten steel has poor fluidity and large shrinkage, and stainless steel precision casting is not only suitable for casting of various types and various alloys.

Stainless steel precision casting processing features:

1. Since the shrinkage of stainless steel precision casting greatly exceeds the cast iron, in order to prevent the shrinkage and shrinkage defects of the casting, most of the casting process uses risers, cold irons and subsidies to achieve sequential solidification.

In order to prevent shrinkage, shrinkage, porosity and crack defects in stainless steel castings, the wall thickness should be uniform, sharp angle and right angle structure should be avoided, sawdust should be added to the molding sand, coke can be added to the core, and hollow type should be adopted. Core and oil sand core to improve the repellent and breathability of the sand or core.

2. Due to the poor fluidity of the molten steel, in order to prevent the cold separation and pouring of the steel castings, the wall thickness of the steel castings should not be less than 8 mm; dry casting or hot casting; suitable to increase the pouring temperature, generally 1520 ° ~ At 1600 ° C, the molten steel has a high degree of superheat and a long liquid retention time, and the fluidity can be improved. However, if the pouring temperature is too high, defects such as coarse crystal grains, hot cracks, pores and sand sticks may be caused. Therefore, the precision castings of small, thin-walled and complex shapes generally have a casting temperature of about +150 ° C of the melting point of the steel; the structure of the casting system is simple and the section size is larger than that of cast iron; the pouring temperature of large and thick-walled castings It is about 100 ° C higher than its melting point.

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