How to prevent the engine from overheating during operation of the small crane

1. Unusual water temperature is too high.
If the water inlet does not turn over, some of the cooling system surfaces and engine mechanics should be carefully examined and analyzed. The mini-crane is a mobile working device that can be driven at a high speed on a highway and has typical working conditions of a car and work equipment. Together, most of the sedan cranes share the chassis recommendation engine as the power source for the lifting equipment. It is suggested that overheating of the cylinder will cause the cylinder wall to overheat, damage the smooth oil film on the cylinder wall, reduce the smooth function, and accelerate the wear of the machine parts; the mixed gas is heated and swelled to reduce the power of the proposed machine.
With regard to the appearance of high temperatures that are not suddenly present, the engine speed should be increased to check whether the water inlet can be turned over. It is important to note that many are still a few diversions. If many water turns over and the temperature of the radiator is not uniform, some cooling pipes will be blocked, and it should be emphasized in the cold winter. When a small number of water inlets are turned over and the engine temperature is low before high, the water distribution pipes are marked as damaged or blocked and they should be communicated in time. If this is not the case, there may be too much water in the cooling system.
2 The aquiferous water temperature is too high. It is important to check whether the radiator of a small crane can be overheated. If the temperature of the radiator is too high and the cylinder gasket is damaged, pay attention to see if the contact surface between the upper plane and the cylinder head can be severely warped. If the deformation should be repaired in time. If the temperature of the radiator is not high, clarify the poor circulation of the cooling water, and check whether the fan belt can be broken or severely slipped. If it is normal, check whether the radiator outlet pipe can be sucked, if there is any delamination blocking in the inner hole, and find out the reason to clean it. The emergency method is to place the appropriate large spring support in the suction pipe. Check whether the expansion tube of the thermostat can be separated and the crack should be exchanged. If the thermostat is normal, the damage of the water pump shall be clarified and the repair pump shall be carefully checked.
First, the reason why the proposed machine temperature is too high 1. The cooling system leaks or the cooling water is short;
2. The water temperature indicator indicates ban or failure;
3. The cooling system has too much scale and poor heat dissipation;
4. Radiator shield net or radiator core air duct is blocked by debris, resulting in poor heat dissipation;
5. The pump or fan belt is too loose or broken;
6. The water pump is damaged, the blades of the fan are reversed or deformed, and the air ring is damaged;
7. The thermostat is damaged in the closed position of the main valve;
8. It is recommended that the captain should be overloaded during operation and that the fuel supply time is too late.
In short, there are many reasons why the engine overheats, so if the engine of the small crane is overheated, then it is probably based on the above items one by one to check and carefully examine the talents to maintain the engine.

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