Insulating oil dielectric strength tester function key operation instructions

Insulation oil dielectric strength tester has a total of six function keys, which are jog keys. Click to respond to work. Figure 4
Insulating oil dielectric strength tester
1. Press the "Measurement" button when testing, the functions of stirring, standing, boosting, and printing will follow the order of numerical values.
2. Press “Stop” button during boosting to stop boosting. The value displayed on the digital display is the high-voltage output of the high-voltage output. It can keep the synchronization unchanged. Press and hold this key to adjust the adjustable high and low pressure. Output value, press the stop key will not change the original operating state, as long as press the measured value button to resume operation.
3. After the first boosted oil sample breakdown, the voice control reminds the user to “keep” for a short period of 20 seconds, and after the second time “beep” two short sounds, the sixth time “beep”, a long and short sound, The seventh time “嘀” is a long sound and two short sounds. After the average value is displayed, “嘀” sounds continuously for 20 seconds. If you do not need the voice control to remind, press the voice control button to enter the light control reminder. The light control indicator light is bright. The number of times is the same as the number of “click” sounds. Pressing the sound control button again is ineffective and keeps the light control unchanged. When the power needs to be turned on again, the sound control is effective.
4. After the test, if you want to view the data again, press the "Display" "Print" button. The two buttons are the repeated use keys. Press the "Display" button to display the test values ​​once until the average value is displayed. The display is repeated. When the "Print" key is pressed, the time for repeating the printing of the voltage value is not printed
5. When the "Reset" key is pressed, the word "OCPU" is displayed as the initial wait state after the reset is in place, referred to as the initial state or the OCPU state, and pressing the "Reset" key during the test boosting process will not enter the initial state. In the same way as the breakdown of the oil sample, the continuous operation will not change the original operating state. If you press the “Reset” button again, it will be confirmed as “Reset” and will enter the initial state.
6. Turn on the power switch and wait for the power switch to turn on. The unit enters the self-test state. The printer responds with the light and the display shows the word OCPU. If the voltage regulator is not at zero, the DIJJ word is displayed. This indicates the reset process, and the descent light is on. After falling to the zero position, the OCPU initial wait state is displayed.
7. Measured value "Job" button, start to run in accordance with the preset value; stirring indicator light magnetic oscillator rapid rotation, the first digit of the display screen shows the first number of times, the last three shows the mixing time; stirring is completed The vibrator stops stirring and the indicator light goes out. The standing indicator light is lit and the lamp is turned on. After the indicator light is off, the closing and boosting indicator light is on and the display is synchronized and boosted. At this time, the three digits of the display are displayed as voltage (00.0KV). After the breakdown of the oil sample, the boost power supply is automatically opened, the display stops displaying for 5 seconds, the printer prints the time, and the voltage value; under the pressure regulator, the descent and descent indicator lights, and the mixing indicator lights up for the second test to start printing simultaneously. The display shows the breakdown voltage, the number of display values ​​flashes, and the voice control reminds; after the regulator returns to zero, the drop indicator goes off, the display stops blinking, the voice control disappears, and the second test is performed; after the number of tests is completed, the display shows The average of the total number of times, expressed in English letters (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, y) If tested only once is shown as A24.3KV, if tested six times as F24.3KV; Print electricity After the oil sample is tested, the oil sample can be repeatedly displayed and printed. After the reset button is pressed, all the data disappears. When the oil sample is taken out in the OPCU state, the new oil sample can be replaced and tested again. After the test is completed, the power is turned off in the OFF position in the reset state.

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