After the chemical plant leaked, the “gas mask man” rescued the villagers

Chemical plant suddenly floated "fog"

One morning in the hot sun, Xu Qijun, head of the Shiyuan Village Group of Shili Village, Xin'an Township, Lai'an County, worked hard in his own vegetable garden. Suddenly, he found that there was heavy smoke in the courtyard that was only forty or fifty meters away from the vegetable fields. “Not good, is it something that happened in the chemical plant?” Just as he changed his mind, Xu Qijun smelled a strong pungent odor. He told reporters that the hospital wall is a chemical plant. With the continuous expansion of the plant area in the past three years, it was only a hundred meters away from the village house.

Xu Qijun pulled out his cell phone and called a familiar worker at the factory. He asked him if there had been a leak in the factory. The staff member confirmed his conjecture. A moment later, the fog was getting thicker and darker, and it floated to where Xu Qijun was. Just after this call, Xu Qijun felt uncomfortable in his heart, his throat was dry, he wanted to vomit, he was boring, and he couldn't move at all. He knew that he had sucked in poisonous gas.

Some people wear gas masks to carry away the villagers

The next scene happened to make Xu Qijun and other villagers feel very chilled.

Xu Qijun told reporters that after hanging up the phone for more than 10 minutes, an electric car was opened in the factory. From above, three men wearing pig noses (gas masks) poisoned him and another villager nearby. People lifted into the car. However, the electric vehicles did not transport them to the hospital, but they sent them to the river, which was more than a hundred meters away, and quietly left.

The villagers who had arrived called 120 and sent Xu Qijun and another person to the hospital. Subsequently, 12 villagers were admitted to the hospital one after another.

The villagers said that after the incident, the security of the chemical plant blocked the two ends of the village's only road and denied access to the villagers.

Villagers say it is not the first poisoning

The reporter rushed to the Inhabitation Department of the People's Hospital of Lai'an County and the in-patient villagers were placed in multiple wards.

"A lot of villagers' poisoning' is not the first time." In the ward, the villager Wang Yongli raised the face of his mother Wu Xiuping and told reporters that his mother had been poisoned for the second time. Although she had been treated with infusion for a whole day, her The face is still slightly swollen.

“It was really a crime to live in this place!” The villager Zhou Xuefei clearly recalled that in the winter of 2010, the chemical plant exploded and leaked. All seven of his family members were poisoned and none of them survived. They are still taking medicine. In his memory, in addition to these two major accidents, chemical plants are often secretly discharged.

“It was all in the hospital for a whole day. Not to mention the medical expenses. There wasn’t even a single person in the chemical factory to come and see. It made us very chilly!” said Xu Qijun, who was lying in a hospital bed.

The accident is currently being further processed.

Experts remind you

All work in contact with toxic gases should be worn with gas masks, emergency measures for gas leakage, and all safety protection work.

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