4 characteristics of rosewood, performance introduction

For friends who want to buy solid wood furniture, rosewood is a good choice, rosewood can make all kinds of furniture, such as sofas, wardrobes, etc., then everyone knows the characteristics of rosewood? Then let's explore what the characteristics of rosewood are .

Characteristics of rosewood


Sea yellow wood itself is a traditional Chinese medicine. It has a "fragrance" taste, which is rich in flavor and quiet and elegant; while the yellower flavor is lighter and slightly smelly after smelling. In addition, the sea scent emits a long scent, and the bracelet will smell the scent after playing for a week, and the yellower will not smell.


The sea yellow color is diverse, except for the main color is golden yellow, there are purple, brown, red, black, and any combination between them; the yellower is mostly yellow, and is shallow. In general, the color of sea yellow is slightly more stable than the yellower color, the overall color is dark red, while the overall color of Vietnamese yellow pear is yellowish orange.


The sea yellow texture is fine, the ink line is black and clear, and it is mostly crab claw-shaped and beautiful, and the cow hair texture. Although it is irregular, it is not messy. The feeling of flowing water gives a flowing beauty. The yellower is relatively rougher, the ink line is darker, and the landscape is more common.


The surface of sea yellow is fine, smooth and moist, like jade, while Vietnamese yellow pear is rougher. This phenomenon is mainly due to the extremely high density of sea yellow, extremely fine textured cell tissue and very dense material structure. Another important reason is the proportion of sea yellow oil (scented oil). According to relevant tests, the highest oil content of sea wood reached 27%, while that of yellow wood was only 0.5%.

Rosewood characteristics - the growth habit of rosewood

Temperature precipitation

The annual temperature is high in the distribution area, the annual average temperature is 23-25 ​​°C, the extreme minimum temperature is 6.6 °C, the rainfall distribution is extremely uneven, and the precipitation in the dry season (November to April next year) is about 1500 mm, and there is heavy rain.

Soil requirements

The soil is brown brick red soil and red soil.


This species is not strict with the requirements of the site, and it can be suitable for steep slopes, ridges, bare rocks, and arid and thin land. In the positive tree species, the saplings are weak in the densely shaded forests; they can grow into straight trunk trees in the forests with less canopy closure. Although it is rich in fruit, it is in the dry season when it is naturally planted, so there are not many young trees under the forest.

The characteristics of rosewood are introduced here first. For more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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