How the floor industry can increase brand influence

How the floor industry can increase brand influence

The floor industry is not a daily consumer product for the consumer market. How can the floor company expand its brand influence under such a turbulent situation?

In the age of big data, we respected "popularity"

In the past few years, the flooring industry has risen with “brand alliances”. This is because companies spontaneously organize themselves according to the relationship network. I am afraid there is not a small difference between the actual consumption situation. In fact, there are often mismatches during the operation process. However, big data will show the relevance of consumers to brand choices. If companies or products with a strong connection are packaged, they can probably correct many of the problems that currently arise in the “alliance”.

In the face of data, the market has become a transparent market. If the floor business promotion can truly understand the needs of customers and find effective but not the most consumers, then it will be able to achieve substantive breakthroughs in the quickest possible way. Big data offers such an opportunity.

The price positioning under the big data survey has become an important market demand When Mr. Zhao Xueqiang, a master of interior design in China, gave a speech at an event, he designed a store for a dealer who represented an internationally renowned brand. He did not know who to sell the item to. , To the dealer for three years of sales data, dealers scolded, said that never collected customer information, and finally find some records.

Zhao Xueqiang has to spend three months analyzing the constellation, blood type, and tastes of the consumer's birthday, age, gender, and occupation. He then conducts additional investigations to investigate corporate culture, product characteristics, core requirements, and sales selling points. Investigate which category sells best, which category sells the worst, why there is such a big difference, and so on. Then he made a large number of forms and programs, focusing on "What my competitors did, what I needed to do, what gaps he left for me, what I could go to drill, and what different places could be left I can form differentiated competition." Then it was the store design. Later, this shop became the national single store sales champion. Perhaps it can be said that this is the success of a designer using big data.

The importance of prices to consumers' choice of products has been gradually declining. The core is the satisfaction of user needs. After each online promotion, the background of all major shopping websites can count the sales volume, product flow, customer evaluation and refund amount of each brand according to the categories of home building materials such as furniture, sofas, mattresses, textile products, and flooring. And discharge precise rankings. For manufacturing companies, the more important significance of big data is that it can tailor products to the precise needs of consumers based on these effective information.

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