Clean Lighting Technology Breaks Through Graphite Foam to Make LED Brighter and Longer Life

Breakthrough in clean lighting technology Graphite foam makes LEDs brighter and longer

James Cret, a researcher at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology, invented a technique called graphite foaming. Using this technology, it is possible to obtain a graphite foam material, which can help cool LED lighting (LED lamps), can control its heating more effectively, thereby prolonging its life and reducing the price.

Ke Lete said: "In the (graphite foam) technology to reduce the LED lighting system, stabilize and extend its life, while the technology can replace the replacement and maintenance costs of the general lighting equipment, the city saves millions of dollars each year. "He hopes that graphite foaming technology will save customers money."

Compared with traditional heat-dissipating materials such as metallic Copper and metallic Aluminum, the graphite foam produced by the new technology has various advantages. For example, the graphite foam has high thermal conductivity, light weight, and easy processing. These features make graphite foam materials have better design adaptability and become lighter, cheaper and more efficient light emitting diode lamp cooling materials.

It is reported that the special graphite crystal structure possessed by the graphite foam is the key to forming its good thermal conductivity. The "skeleton" of the crystal structure is filled with air pockets. Compared with graphite, graphite foam has a density of only 25% of graphite, and therefore its weight is lighter. Graphite foam's unique mesh can quickly dissipate the heat of the heat source, so it is an ideal cooling material.

As the most important energy-saving lighting products, LED lighting has been used more and more because of its low energy consumption, compactness, and long life expectancy. Its application requirements in street lighting and parking lot lighting are also increasing. improve.

LED North America specializes in providing LED lighting products for applications in urban, commercial and industrial areas. In order to continuously improve the performance of LED lighting, to ensure that they are in a favorable position in the long-term competition with their opponents, the company recently signed a graphite foam technology cooperation agreement with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and obtained the right to use the technology. The company plans to use this technology to produce graphite foams and use graphite foams to passively cool light-emitting diode lamp parts.

LED North America was established at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory named "Technology 2020" in the experimental incubation base. The company and the laboratory established a good relationship. Andrew Wilhelm, one of the company's founders, said that with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the company and the laboratory researchers can more closely work together to perfect the graphite foam and LED lighting.

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