How to choose smart electronic door locks

As a high-tech product, smart door lock has become the leading product in the field of hotel door locks, but how to choose smart door lock is a big problem that plagues users. According to the Nanfang Daily, a four-star hotel in Shenzhen, because the engineering staff did not understand the choice of smart door locks, chose a low-cost smart door lock, resulting in the lock of the hotel’s smart door lock after half a year of use. The situation of the hotel's reputation and service is seriously affected by the rust and irregular work. When the manufacturer is found to solve the problem, it is discovered that the manufacturer has disappeared and brought great economic and reputation losses to the hotel. In the smart door lock market where the fish and the dragon are mixed, how to choose the smart door lock will be explained below.
Under normal circumstances, the hotel hopes that the life of the smart door lock is at least 5 years, so you must consider a variety of factors when choosing a smart door lock, such as the brand, quality, price, service, etc., so as not to cause various losses. Throughout the smart door lock market, Hong Kong Meigao smart door locks are at the forefront of the industry in terms of brand, quality, price and service.
From the perspective of the company's own quality, Hong Kong Meigao Company has a glorious history. It is a large-scale enterprise engaged in intelligent products, energy-saving products and high-tech access control. In just over 10 years, the hotel smart door locks involved in Hong Kong Meigao are among the best in the domestic industry. What we bring to users is not just a simple product, but a service, a promise.
From the quality point of view, Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door lock series products rely on strong research and development strength, independently developed non-contact ic card smart door lock, contact ic card smart door lock, tm card smart door lock and fingerprint smart door lock and More than 20 varieties of dual-control intelligent door locks, no matter which kind of smart door locks, in terms of mechanical and electronic aspects, they have unparalleled advantages and features compared with similar products on the market.
In terms of machinery, firstly, the lock core of Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door lock exclusively designed the built-in radial clutch, and increased the transition at the weakest point (stress concentration) of the bolt, increasing the load resistance of the door lock and making the lock cylinder It is safer and more reliable. Secondly, the panel of Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door lock is made of pure copper forging. The internal structure is fine, the strength and hardness of the lock body are higher than the national standard. Finally, the lock surface of Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door lock is exclusively vacuum ion. Plating (pvd) technology, high corrosion resistance and high hardness.
In terms of electronic control, the control circuit board of Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door lock adopts the production technology of automatic patch technology (smt), high temperature aging, online testing, vibration aging, infiltration of paint and moisture, thus completely eliminating the temperature difference caused by indoor and outdoor. The moisture inside the door lock condenses and damages the components of the circuit board, which improves the performance of the circuit. Moreover, Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door locks also use intelligent coding technology to resist strong light interference, which reduces the power consumption of the door lock, thereby reducing the frequency of replacing the door lock battery.
In terms of encryption of smart card keys, all kinds of smart card keys of Hong Kong Meigao Smart Door Lock use electronic keys with physical password verification function, good security and high reliability. Data can be stored for more than 10 years, and all electronic keys In order to improve the security performance, the encryption algorithm is adopted in the coding. In addition to the electronic key developed by the software system with independent intellectual property rights, the electronic key is impossible to copy, which overcomes the shortcomings of the mechanical key and the low security. Improve the safety of the door lock.
In terms of system compatibility, Hong Kong Meigao Smart Door Lock is also at the forefront. It provides multiple interfaces for various property management software and hotel management software such as txt, dll, shell, exe, etc., which are called when other software is integrated. For those communities or hotels with multiple systems such as access control systems, consumer systems, and parking management systems, it is convenient to implement the one-card function, which is very convenient for customers to use intelligent systems and property management.
These unique product advantages are leading in the domestic smart door lock industry, which reflects the concept of Hong Kong Meigao lock developers on products - Hong Kong Meigao smart door locks are not just for users A simple anti-theft measure, but a safer, more comfortable and more convenient enjoyment, providing users with a completely, quiet and confidential space.
From the market point of view, at the same price point, Hong Kong Meigao smart door locks outperform other products; in terms of the same performance, the price of Hong Kong Meigao smart door locks is much more favorable. Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door locks fully consider the factors of themselves, users and so on, so that the cost performance of the products is the highest.
From the service point of view, Hong Kong Meigao Intelligent Door Lock Department first set up a national service system: in the main cities of each area of ​​the domestic market, there are service hotlines and regional service stations. The purpose of this is to be able to One time to help users solve problems; Secondly, a national service website was set up at the headquarters to provide users with the latest consultation and services throughout the country; finally, the pre-sale, sale and after-sale services were also provided during the sales process. Before the sale, Hong Kong Meigao engineers introduced the performance, construction principle and technical parameters of various products to users, solved the problems that users are most concerned about, and tailored the system solutions for users. In the sale, Hong Kong Meigao was prepared for users. Good supply, timely installation and commissioning of door locks, personnel training, etc., so that users can use it on time and satisfactorily; after sale, due to the high quality and high performance of Hong Kong Meigao intelligent door lock, the probability of problems is very small. However, when there is a problem, as long as the user calls, Hong Kong Meigao engineers will provide you with a special service to avoid the worries of the users.
Smart door lock is one of the image of the hotel. The good smart door lock brings comfort and convenience to the guests staying at the hotel, and it also creates a good image for the hotel. This is also the pursuit of Hong Kong Migao intelligent door lock. .

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