Good weather in Fujian, suitable for late rice harvesting

On October 26th, Fujian Province was dominated by cloudy weather, with some local rains. Most of the counties and cities were more suitable for late rice harvesting. From 27 to 28, the weather in the whole province is mainly sunny, suitable for harvesting crops such as late rice, autumn soybean and autumn peanut; suitable for vegetable cultivation. At present, the double-season late rice is in the harvesting period, the sweet potato is rapidly expanding to the harvest period, and the autumn soybean and autumn peanut are in the harvesting period. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
According to the forecast of the Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory: On the 30th, the province was cloudy; from 31st to November 2nd, the province was sunny. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Agricultural production is recommended: October 30 - November 2, Fujian province fine weather, suitable for hanging out late rice, sweet potato crop harvest in autumn autumn soybean and peanuts, etc.; suitable for vegetables, milk vetch and other crops sown net fertilizer Linyi all rights reserved
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