The machine tool industry in the big step and low carbon era cannot stand by

In 2010, the machine tool industry should keep up with the low-carbon trend, seize the opportunities of emerging industries, and usher in a new round of industrial upgrading. As a production tool, the significance of machine tool products to the transformation of the production mode of the equipment manufacturing industry is unquestionable. At the same time, to improve the ability of independent innovation and contribute to the development of low-carbon economy energy conservation and emission reduction, the machine tool industry is even more responsible.
Although the equipment manufacturing industry itself has a small proportion of energy consumption and resource consumption, its products are “large households” in energy consumption. Therefore, in addition to adjusting the overcapacity in its industrial structure, the machine tool industry, which is the “master machine” of the equipment manufacturing industry, should also undertake the management and recycling equipment that provides low-energy and environmentally-friendly products, provides comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection. And advanced production and processing technology to improve the efficiency of machinery manufacturing.
Now, machine tool enterprises have been in the era of low carbon. It is the responsibility of every enterprise to produce low-carbon machine tools. Enterprises should grasp the trend of the times and let themselves go ahead of the industry. How to do or how to do it should reflect on itself. Here are a few suggestions to mention, I hope to be helpful.
1. First of all, the state should pay more attention to speeding up industrial upgrading and further adjustment. To make greater innovation, it is necessary to carry out independent innovation. This will bring new opportunities to our machine tool industry. Increase the intensity of research and development. Carry out the competitive characteristics and inferiority to increase the industrial characteristics of products and fill in the blank technology.
2. To increase the effectiveness of management. In terms of management, many machine tool companies have already noticed, but according to the current situation, many enterprises have a problem of returning goods due to unfavorable management. Therefore, to improve the effectiveness of this aspect is also an important aspect that cannot be ignored.
3. Increase the export of environmentally friendly machine tools and improve the environmental protection system. Nowadays, many developed countries have already regarded environmental protection issues as important, so this has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of entering the market. Therefore, we must pay more attention to environmental protection issues and increase our export volume with our own improvement. So prepare better and meet bigger challenges and opportunities.
Nowadays, China has begun to pay attention to low-carbon technology. I believe that in the near future, the low-carbon technology of China's machine tools will continue to be reformed and adjusted. In order to continuously adapt to the market, and constantly improve the quality of environmental protection.

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