Sichuan International Stone Industry Park officially started on November 8.

A new chapter in the development of circular economy in the development of stone industry in the industry
At present, the park economy is becoming an important growth pole for the rapid economic and social development of the province. The industrial park has become an important platform for industrial agglomeration development and upgrading and an important carrier for undertaking industrial transfer.

As a backward stone industry, it is an inevitable trend to give full play to the advantages of resources, industry, market and location, accelerate the promotion of advantageous industries and advantageous enterprises to industrial parks (industrial concentrated development zones) and increase industrial concentration.

Yiyexing, Baiyewang, a successful professional market can promote the rapid formation of industrial chain, industrial cluster and industrial belt, making it an important driving force for regional economic development.

On November 8, Sichuan International Stone Industry Park held a grand opening ceremony, and an aircraft carrier of the stone industry was sailing.

Sichuan International Stone Industry Park Project is a key project in Sichuan Province in 2010. With a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan and an area of ​​3,000 mu, the project is currently the largest stone market in the western region. It is planned to introduce more than 1,200 professional stone processing and sales businesses to form a large-scale park. Efforts will be made to form an industrial service system with stone mine mining operations, raw material processing, process installation, sculpture art, stone decoration art, import and export trade, environmental protection testing, education and training, and exhibitions, and build an international large-scale stone distribution center.

Concentrated intensive industry into the park
After entering the Stone Industry Park and achieving centralized intensive operation, it will save at least 50% of land, save 40% of electricity, and save logistics costs by 80%.

In recent years, China has become a stone industry with the highest stone output, consumption and trade volume in the world. The product, process and equipment technology content has been greatly improved. Large and medium-sized stone enterprises have emerged continuously, and the industry has shown a strong development momentum. Among the four major stone producing provinces in the country, Sichuan has the most stone resources, the most abundant varieties and the best quality. In the area of ​​the Chengxi Old Town and the Shaxi Line, the stone processing trade market has been formed spontaneously for more than 15 years.

However, due to the long-term destructive mining and backward processing technology, the quality of stone products is uneven. In the market competition in the 1990s, Sichuan's stone industry gradually lags behind Fujian and Guangdong.

At the same time, the spontaneously formed markets are separate and decentralized. Not only are the sites dirty, chaotic, and poor, but they are also unable to form competitive synergies and aggregation advantages. The improvement of technology and management is even more difficult to say, and even more trouble for many companies is that they must not Not often rushing to find the right place to operate. "After more than a decade, many companies have moved 7 or 8 times." Yang Lan, president of the Sichuan Stone Association, lamented.

With the improvement of industrialization level in recent years, intensive use of construction land is the key to achieving sustainable economic and social development. Saving intensive land use has become an inevitable requirement for protecting land resources and alleviating land resource constraints. The original stone trading area is no longer in line with Chengdu's overall planning and operation. The entire market is about to face all demolition. Many businesses will face landless operations. Tens of thousands of stone employees will face unemployment risks and establish a large scale, high standard and function. A large-scale stone industrial park with strong, low energy consumption, environmental protection, complete functions and complete supporting facilities is the only way for the stone industry to continue to grow and develop.

“Into the Stone Industry Park, after achieving centralized intensive operation, it will save at least 50% of land, save 40% of electricity, and save logistics costs by 80%.” Yang Jiarong, chairman of Sichuan Dasheng Investment Industrial Co., Ltd., the project investor, said that there are 300 in Sichuan. A number of stone processing enterprises, based on an average of 30 acres, will occupy at least 9,000 acres of land. After the completion of the Sichuan International Stone Industrial Park, the intensive production and scale effects will be used to achieve rational, scientific and efficient use of the soil. More than 300 manufacturers after moving into the park will occupy an average of no more than 5 acres.

In the planning of the industrial park, due to the centralized power supply, it will save more than 40% of the energy than the decentralized operation of the enterprise. The industrial park is only 12 minutes from Asia's largest railway container center station, while it took at least 2-3 hours.

Circular economy promotes industrial upgrading
The circular development of the stone industry not only saves energy, reduces and reduces waste pollution, but also turns “waste” into treasure, and it is the direction of sustainable development of the stone industry.

Sustainable development is the only way for industrial clusters to become bigger and stronger. From the current situation of the stone industry, the strength of a single stone processing enterprise is not strong, and it is difficult to effectively recycle and control the noise, dust, sewage and waste residue generated during the production and processing.

Sichuan International Stone Industry Park will adopt a circular economy model, standardize management, strictly monitor, and introduce advanced pollution control facilities and equipment to achieve comprehensive utilization of stone waste resources. Yang Jiarong said that large-volume stone is cut into slate, and the remaining scraps are used to make mosaics. The waste slag is used as raw material for artificial stone. The stone powder that is ground when grinding stone is the raw material for producing environmentally friendly bricks.

The circular development of the stone industry not only saves energy, reduces and reduces waste pollution, but also turns “waste” into treasure, and it is the direction of sustainable development of the stone industry.

In addition to the development of circular economy, Sichuan International Stone Industrial Park also provides a multi-functional platform layout for businesses to form a circular economy integrating trade, production, finishing, logistics, warehousing, display and e-commerce, and at the same time drive warehousing, logistics, The development of a series of industries such as machining, financial services, real estate, construction and decoration, catering and accommodation, education and technical training has formed eight linkage platforms.

Companies entering the park will also benefit from industrial agglomeration, thereby reducing costs. Enterprises entering the park can not only share infrastructure, urbanization economy and preferential policies, but also avoid redundant construction, capital backlog and vicious competition through unified raw material procurement, unified warehousing and unified logistics, and promote resource integration, enterprise cooperation and industry. Upgrade, enhance competitiveness, drive the development of the industrial chain, and create a cluster effect.

After the completion of the park, it will generate economic benefits of more than 1 billion yuan per year and solve the problem of direct employment of more than 12,000 people.

Policy support will build industry wind vane
By then, the industrial park will become the vane that affects the quality, grade and price of the western stone industry.

"An industry needs to grow and develop, and it is inseparable from the support of the local government." Yang Jiarong said frankly that since the beginning of the industrial park project, the Guanghan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government where the project is located has received great attention and care.

In order to make this Guanghan's largest specialized industrial park project smoothly, the local government opened a “green channel” for project approval. It took only two months from project inspection to signing.

At the same time, actively build infrastructure for the project. The land consolidation work was completed in just 3 months. In order to make the logistics of the park smoother, a 1km ramp from the Xiangxin Road to the Chengmian Expressway was built. And actively coordinate water and electricity facilities for the park.

"A small matter, let us realize the care of the government." Yang Jiarong said that during the construction process, one night, someone secretly came to the construction site to build the slag. After the construction site staff found out, they called the local supervisory phone. I did not expect to pass only 10 In minutes, law enforcement officers came to deal with it, ensuring smooth construction.

With the strong support of the local government, Sichuan International Stone Industry Park has gathered more than 300 outstanding stone processing and sales enterprises in western China and even at home and abroad. Sichuan Stone Association, Chengdu Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce and Fujian Guofu Stone Industry Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xiqing Stone Co., Ltd., Huixing Stone, Hongwang Stone, Fuxing Stone and other strong enterprises have gradually settled in.

It is understood that the first phase of the Sichuan International Stone Industry Park will be completed in May next year. The entire park will be completed within one and a half years. "At that time, the industrial park will become the weather vane that affects the quality, grade and price of the western stone industry." Yang Jiarong is very confident.

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