It is a problem whether to install or not to install the advantages and disadvantages of the new year's decoration.

2015 will soon be over. At the end of the year, it is also a time for various businesses to make big promotions. So whether the New Year decoration has become a topic of concern. The issue of the decoration of the New Year has always been a matter of opinion. Some people think that the end of the year is not an ideal time for decoration. Of course, some people think that the advantages of the New Year's decoration are quite numerous.

One, cross-year decoration stir hot end of the market

Near the end of the year, home improvement and building materials brands have launched various promotional activities with unprecedented preferential prices. On the other hand, home improvement consumers are rushing to select decoration companies, select building materials, and promote the year-end home improvement market. The "high popularity" and "high volume".

It is understood that most brands of home improvement companies in December have developed a "2014 cross-year decoration model project", promised that consumers can use the lowest project price at the end of the year to book a limited number of 2014 home model homes. However, the current model home improvement projects for many brands of home improvement companies mainly focus on large- and medium-sized units with an area of ​​100 square meters or more. There are also some home improvement companies that “bundle” marketing activities at the end of the year with the sales of main materials to achieve a win-win situation with building materials partners.

Most consumers have also changed the notion of not decorating in the past, and they have taken the initiative at the end of the year. According to the survey, the reason why consumers choose to decorate at the end of the year is that they will raise prices later in the year. At present, artificial prices and prices are all rising. Although prices should not change much before the Spring Festival, the price increases in the coming year and March are the inevitable trend of the industry. Coupled with the months after the Spring Festival is the decoration of the golden season, any company will grasp this peak period, although it will certainly play a beautiful concessions gimmicks, but the price will not be reduced in nature. Therefore, worrying about the renovation of prices after the year is also an important reason for the decoration of the New Year.

Second, renovate those cruel things

Before the Spring Festival is the season of decoration, the owners all hope to live in new houses as soon as possible, at this time the decoration company will be busy. Near the Spring Festival, workers must return to their hometowns in a hurry. In order to catch up with the project, the results may be relatively rough; in the middle of work stoppage, the duration of the project is dragged too long; and the temperature is low, and some processes do not reach the ideal state. Affect the quality of home improvement. New Year's Eve decoration has also become particularly embarrassing.

Before and after the Spring Festival, when the winter and spring handover, the weather is warm and cold, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction in the construction is large, resulting in increased construction difficulty. At this time, it is difficult to ensure the quality of home improvement projects. The cold weather often occurs early years ago. The phenomenon of freeze-drying is likely to occur. The paint and tiling process may not be in place, and cracking and shedding will occur after the temperature rises next spring. For another example, if the cement mortar sticking to the floor tile is not dry enough, people will trample on it and empty tiles will appear on the floor tile. Coupled with the eagerness of the decoration workers to go home for the New Year, it is not ruled out that some workers will catch up with the project. This will also have an impact on the quality of future home improvement.

In addition, the construction period of the New Year's Eve is generally about 20 days longer than the normal construction period. Many owners feel that the construction period has been dragged on too long, causing more expenses for their own rent and other aspects. During the holiday season, the construction site was left unattended and it was easy to have a safety accident. Therefore, the owner had to worry about the situation on the construction site and be more attentive.

Compared with other time periods, there is a huge risk of renovations in the New Year. During the Spring Festival, some less formal decoration companies or guerrillas in the road took more work for the benefit of the project management problems may arise. Moreover, after the holiday season, some people who have renovated in the New Year are busy again. However, if you run into a master changer and designer jumps, you will be bothered. In particular, some unscrupulous companies will also use some excuse to roll away part of the project money and play with evaporation, causing owners to suffer huge economic losses, but nowhere to complain.

Third, the temptation to cross the New Year decoration

Although there are many shortcomings and risks in the New Year's Eve decoration, it also has many advantages. For example, you can enjoy better design, construction services and greater price concessions. As industry insiders say, if the owners do not travel during the Spring Festival, they can spend more time paying attention to the home improvement, communicate more, and point out where there is disagreement in the renovation process. The decoration in the New Year can also become beautiful.

Many people are worried that winter is cold and humid, and it is not suitable for decoration. In fact, as long as the hydropower, masonry and carpentry framework projects are completed a year ago, it is entirely possible to avoid the influence of climate. And in the winter New Year decoration, there are many benefits. For example, the low temperature in winter, and the relatively long solidification time of the masonry engineering, is more conducive to the full solidification of the cement; the winter wood has moderate moisture content, good drying degree, is not easy to crack and deform, and the wood base is more solid; the indoor humidity and temperature in winter ensure the plate The stability after construction, so that construction projects can be maintained for a long time without cracking, deformation.

The cross-year decoration has a long span of time. It also means that in some ways it is "slow work and fine work," and there is less tension in the deadline. This will allow many details to be further improved. Many consumers always feel that the decoration and suspension of trade unions will be delayed, so they are required to avoid construction as much as possible. In fact, if time can be set aside, there are still many benefits to be seen when using the Spring Festival holiday and other occasions to perform intermittent construction. For example, the general indoor air moisture content is very suitable for decoration, and construction problems may also be greatly reduced. Moreover, because the decoration is done first by the hydropower reform and the carpentry part, the completion of these projects before the holiday and a further period of time will help expose the hidden problems that may exist. On the other hand, indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases can be fully volatilized, and the environmental protection is more environmentally friendly.

The most important thing is that cross-year decoration will not only be more adequate in material preparation. But also enjoy a more favorable price policy. In general, in order to maintain the off-season spending, businesses will use promotional offers to attract consumers. At this time, not only the home improvement company may offer concessions for the promotion of orders, but at the end of the year a lot of building materials traders will also realize liquidation, and will discount many products. If you use this opportunity to determine the brand, model, price, color, shape, etc. of the main material, you can not only save a lot of money, and the construction after the Spring Festival will not have to worry about repeatedly selecting materials.

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