Plastic mesh tells you the range of applications of co-extruded film

In the processing of a film, a raw material is extruded onto another film that has been produced or a different type of film that has been formed is bonded to each other to form a multilayer film. This product is called a composite film. The material of the composite membrane is mostly plastic, and the composite membrane is mostly used for food packaging. In the processing of the composite membrane, a binder is used, and the solvent selection and bonding process must meet the corresponding sanitary standards. The coextruded film has most of the characteristics of the composite film, but the difference is that all layers of the coextruded film are extruded at the same time, so there is no other non-plastic material such as aluminum foil or paper. The combination of product materials is relatively small, and the scope of application is also small. However, since the winter joint layer and the layer are combined by heat fusion without adhesive, the hygienic safety of the food package co-extruded film is relatively reliable. Let us look at the main application range of co-extruded film, as follows:

Talking about the application range of co-extruded film
The practical life applications of co-extruded films are: pure milk bags, courier bags, metal protective films. For example, a kind of co-extruded film: black and white film, used as a courier bag or milk bag, because the courier bag contains hard objects or a variety of factors, the bag is easy to break, so it is not possible to use ordinary PE film, you need to use coextrusion. Membrane; not only, food bags (eg, pure milk bags) are also required to meet food standards and are not easily broken, so co-extruded films must be used. The black and white film is a two-layer co-extruded film. When the plastic is extruded, two heads simultaneously extrude the black PE film and the white PE film to bond together when the film is still in a semi-liquid state, without using chemicals such as glue. To bond. The main characteristics of the co-extruded film: good tensile properties, good surface brightness, in line with many standards of coated film, food film.

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Maijin co-extrusion Wpc Decking is mainly made of wood powder (accounting for about 55%), polyethylene (accounting for about 35%) and necessary chemical additives, such as antioxidant, lubricant, colorant, UV absorber, etc. (accounting for about 10%). Under high temperature and high pressure, raw materials are extruded by professional wood plastic extrusion equipment. Because of its natural fiber composition, Maijin co-extrusion WPC Decking has a texture comparable to that of natural wood and a performance higher than that of wood.

Co Extruded WPC Decking

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