How to distinguish the bearing wall relocation transformation precautions

Some people may not know much about how to distinguish the bearing walls. Even if they emphasize the importance of bearing walls, everyone will still be lucky when they are doing renovations. For example, they want to open a window on the load-bearing wall, or want to use a bearing wall. Torn down, a lot of people are still moving in spite of the consequences, resulting in great losses. Then, the next Xiaobian for everyone to explain how to distinguish the bearing wall and bearing wall transformation precautions.

How to distinguish bearing walls

1, see the floor plan data

In the floor plan of the house, the walls marked with black on the drawing are load-bearing walls, and the walls marked with white parts are non-load-bearing walls. Such walls can be demolished and removed without affecting the building construction.

2, look at the structure of the house

In general, all walls of a brick-concrete structure are load-bearing walls. The external wall of a frame structure is a load-bearing wall, and the internal walls are generally not load-bearing walls.

3, see the grade of the house

General low-rise residential buildings, bungalows and villas are of brick-concrete structure, and their basic surfaces are load-bearing walls. The high-rise elevator buildings and western-style buildings are all frame structures.

4, see the thickness of the wall

Non-load-bearing walls are relatively thin, generally about 10 cm thick. A hand beat a beat, there is a crisp echo, is a light wall, and the load-bearing wall is generally more than 240MM thickness, there should not be too much sound upturned.

Bearing wall modification notes

In the reform of the bearing wall, the state has relevant laws clearly stipulated. Therefore, as citizens must consciously abide by. And developers and property or neighbors have the responsibility to monitor and report, if necessary, there will be a fine and require restitution, so for unnecessary trouble, do not tamper with.

Bearing wall transformation note two

The serious consequence of random wall reorganization is that the load-bearing wall in the house plays an extremely important role, and some homeowners will feel that some of the load-bearing walls are inconvenient and think that there will be no danger in the modification of a home in a building. It is wrong, because from the basement all the way up to the highest level, all the load-bearing walls play a role in supporting the stairs at the same time. If the load-bearing wall is dismantled, it may lead to a portion of the floor without support. It will produce cracks for a long time, not only its own safety Being threatened, neighbors' housing will also suffer. Therefore, experts also reminded everyone not to have any luck.

Bearing wall modification note three

Changing the load-bearing wall is subject to legal permission. If the pattern in the home is really unreasonable, the load-bearing wall must be changed. Apply to the relevant departments. At the same time, we must also invite professional design institutes to conduct on-site measurements, and then re-develop the revised plans based on the original room types. Only after the relevant departments have agreed can we start construction. However, the above set of procedures to go down, but also need more than 10,000 funds, so the majority of the main room in advance mentally prepared.

Bearing wall transformation note four

Non-bearing wall refitting and reinforcement Non-load-bearing walls are divided into light walls and partition walls. The partition walls are solid and have soundproofing effects. The light walls are designed for the purpose of partitioning the space without any actual bearing. . Therefore, when we think that space is unreasonable, these can be reconstructed.

The other is the reinforcement of non-load-bearing walls, many household appliances need to be hung on the wall, and the current home appliances are generally not light, so for non-load-bearing walls, especially light walls to be particularly reinforced, so as to ensure the safety of the living environment.

Editor's summary: On how to distinguish the bearing wall and bearing wall transformation precautions are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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