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Face recognition is a very popular biometric recognition method in recent years. It matches and recognizes face features. It has been widely used in banking finance, security access control, home door locks and other fields. Face recognition has become a very important recognition technology. Face recognition API is also a lot of developers need Baidu, Ali, face++ and other companies have been laid out in advance, here is the face recognition algorithm API open source free sharing. Ede smart lock China

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To help explore face recognition in the research process, the following face detection and recognition APIs are listed. Hope it helps! Ede smart lock China

Face Recognition API Platform/Software List

1. Face Recognition - Made by Stephen Lambda Lab. Sample code and graphical demos Click http://api.lambdal.com/docs. Our API provides facial recognition, face detection, eye positioning, nose positioning, mouth positioning, and gender classification. If you have any questions, just send an email to. Ede smart lock China

2. Face (Detection) - computer vision facial recognition and face detection. This is a perfect face.com alternative. Currently, we have a free API for face detection. Ede smart lock China

3. Animetrics Face Recognition - Animetrics Face Recognition API can be used for face detection in pictures. Facial features or "landmark" information is returned as coordinates on the image. Animetrics face recognition also detects and returns face position information on the 3D axis. Ede smart lock China

4.Skybiometry Face Detection and Recognition an easy to use face detection and recognition API. It must be created in your SkyBiometry account to use it. (If you don't have an account, please register first). Ede smart lock China

5.ImageVision Face Detection - Beta Releases Better Face Detection Service! ImageVision is a computer vision company improving technology that determines the position and size of a human face in an arbitrary (digital) image. Ede smart lock China

6.Face and scene recognition by Rekognition.com - Alternative to Face.com! Fast, powerful and scalable rekognition engine can do face detection, acquisition, recognition, scene understanding! It can automatically train to use images and tags on Facebook! Ede smart lock China

7.FaceRect - FaceRect is a powerful and free API for face detection. It can detect faces (including front and side) in web pages or uploading specific images in files, and can find multiple pictures in one picture. Faces, generated JSON output each face's bounding box. Ede smart lock China

8.Infatics Face Detection - Simple face detection API. Ede smart lock China

9. OpenCV Face Recognizer - based on OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library: http://opencv.org) is an open source BSD-authorized library that includes hundreds of computer vision algorithms. Ede smart lock China

10. Libface - The Libface library aims to make face recognition technology available to the open source community. This is written in C++ and hosted on Sourceforge. This library uses OpenCV 2.0. The goal is to become a middleware. In face recognition and detection, developers do not have to include any OpenCV code. Ede smart lock China

11. Automatic naming of characters in video is used to mark the names of people appearing in each frame of a TV or movie. Ede smart lock China

12. CCV - Modern Computer Vision Library. Ede smart lock China

13. OpenBR - open source biometric identification. Ede smart lock China

14.Flandmark - open source implementation of facial landmark detectors. Ede smart lock China

15. Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox (CERT) - An end-to-end fully automated real-time facial expression recognition system. Ede smart lock China

16.Nviso 3D facial imaging technology - Analyze human emotions from facial expressions. More direct and automated than any other method. Ede smart lock China

17. FaceReader - FaceReader is the world's first tool that automatically analyzes facial expressions, allowing users to objectively evaluate a person's emotions. Ede smart lock China

18. Affdex - - Through the camera, Affdex reads the emotional state of people from facial expressions, such as preferences and interests, enabling marketers to more quickly and accurately perceive consumers' responses to brands and the media. Ede smart lock China

19. Faceware - The analyzer grabs an actor's facial expression from the video and generates an IMPD file for use in the RetargeterTM. It does this by combining the user's simple input on the front end and sophisticated computer vision algorithms on the back end. Ede smart lock China

20. Face detection in iOS - Face Detection in iOS. Ede smart lock China

21. Face-Recognition-SDK - Add facial recognition in your app. Ede smart lock China

22.Oddcast face detection API - This face tracking API allows Flash developers to take advantage of advanced technologies that were previously only used in high-end video games. Ede smart lock China

23. BioID - The world's first camera-based personal identification. Ede smart lock China

24. Betaface API - Face Detection and Recognition. Ede smart lock China

25. Discrete Area Filters Face Detector—Can detect 15 faces, 4 parts, multiple faces, or hidden faces. Ede smart lock China

26. Face detection using Support Vector Machine - This program is a clone of "face detection system" in MATLAB and can replace the face detection of neural network algorithm. It is based on SVG. Ede smart lock China

27.fdlib - is a face detection library for C/C++ and MATLAB that detects positive faces in images. Ede smart lock China

28.Visage - A human-machine interface designed to replace the traditional mouse with a face. With a camera, the facial motion becomes the movement of the mouse pointer. If the left/right eye blinks, a left/right mouse click event occurs. Ede smart lock China

29. Face tracking Project – Tracks faces in conjunction with deformable templates and color matching. Ede smart lock China

30. Real-time face detection program - Presentation from Fraunhofer Institute IIS, Germany. Shows face tracking and detection with edge location matching. Ede smart lock China

31.Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms—face recognition algorithms developed by researchers from Colorado State University. It provides a standard set of well-known algorithms and establishes experimental protocols. Ede smart lock China

32. Computer Vision Source Code - A collection of practical image processing codes. Ede smart lock China

33. Acsys biometrics SDK - Allows third-party developers to implement their own applications with advanced facial biometrics. Ede smart lock China

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34. Cognitec SDK - Develops leading facial recognition technologies and applications for corporate and government customers around the world. Ede smart lock China

35.KeyLemonFaceSDK - Provides integrated recognition technology for major operating systems. Ede smart lock China

36.FaceIT SDK ede smart lock China

37.FaceSDK - face recognition and facial-based biometrics, easy integration. Ede smart lock China

38. Verilook SDK - VeriLook algorithm is used, which ensures fast and reliable facial recognition. Ede smart lock China

39.Beyond Reality Face SDK - Calculate face position and 3D angle on a simple picture in the video stream. This information can be used to place 3D objects on the image, or to control an application by head motion. Ede smart lock China

40.InSight SDK - Through the measurement of facial muscle movements, the face is fully automated and these facial muscle movements are transformed into seven universal facial expressions. Ede smart lock China

41.Visage FaceDetect SDK - in the form of a C++ software development kit, contains many useful techniques for finding faces and features in still images. Ede smart lock China

42. Microsoft Research Face SDK Beta - Integrates the latest facial recognition technology from the Microsoft Research Team. Ede smart lock China

43.How To: Kinect for Windows SDK Face Recognition ede Smart Lock China

44.Bayometric FaceIt Face Recognition SDK - combines traditional facial skin biometrics. Ede smart lock China

45.FacePhi FaceRecognition SDK - contains a set of .NET and Silverlight libraries ede smart lock China

46.360 Biometrics Face SDK - A very advanced facial recognition system for embedding or linking facial images into existing databases. Ede smart lock China

47.Hunter TrueID ede Smart Lock China

48. IMRSV - real-time perception software in the real world, with a basic camera, you can measure the gender, age, focus, eyes and other information of up to 25 people 25 feet away. It also has a REST API (application programming interface) ede smart lock China

49. Bob - A signal processing and machine learning toolkit originally developed by the IDIAP Institute's biometrics technology team in Switzerland. Ede smart lock China

Currently face++ is indeed a very good online API for human face. The "face search" and Baidu maps are basically similar to Google map search, but the accuracy is not so high. It can be seen as face recognition in the end. A variant of face classification. Ede smart lock China

In addition, a variety of face recognition algorithms based on opencv development are also many, but too few open source software is formed. On the one hand, the face recognition problem depends on the application scenario or test set, and it is impossible for a single recognition software to take over. On the other hand, many organizations or companies based on a set of algorithms to develop a recognition software are basically used for commercialization, and will not open source. Ede smart lock China

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