Analysis of fire performance and physical and chemical properties of fire retardant coatings

Nowadays, flame retardant has become the key of new fire retardant coating technology. The key part of fire retardant coating is flame retardant. The main development directions are: development of multi-effect, high efficiency, low water solubility dehydration into carbon catalyst and foaming agent; The synergistic effect of the agent is fair; the resin is combined and modified to improve the fireproof performance and physical and chemical properties of the fireproof coating, and the combination of the intumescent and non-intumescent fireproof coatings, the inorganic halogen-free intumescent fireproof coating.

With increasing emphasis on environmental pollution, the use of solvent-borne coatings with high volatile organic content is increasingly tightly controlled. Environmentally friendly coatings mainly include water-based coatings, powder coatings, and photo-curing coatings. Among them, water-based fire-retardant coatings and solvent-free fire-retardant coatings have broad development prospects.

In addition, high solids fire retardant coatings and liquid solventless coatings are environmentally friendly fire retardant coatings with a long-term vision. At present, solvent-based fire-retardant coatings account for about 55% in China, water-based coatings account for about 41%, and others account for about 4%. There is still a big gap between them and Western developed countries.

Bis Amide As Slipping Agent

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