Sumitomo Electric develops new CBN materials for processing cast iron and sintered alloys

Abstract Sumitomo Electric Industries has developed a new CBN material for general machining of cubic boron nitride (CBN), machinable cast iron and sintered alloys - "SUMIBORONBN7000&rdq...

Sumitomo Electric Industries has developed a new CBN material for general machining of cubic boron nitride (CBN), machinable cast iron and sintered alloys, "SUMIBORON BN7000", which was launched on July 20, 2011.  

Sumitomo Electric Industries said that the hardness of CBN powder is second only to diamond. A CBN sintered body obtained by firing a powder together with a binder at a high temperature and a high pressure as a cutting tool can process hard-to-cut ferrous metals such as hardened steel and cast iron at a high speed, and its application fields and uses are expanding. In recent years, the automotive industry has faced a major problem of reducing the cost of component processing, and tool materials require materials that are harder and have a longer life. Among them, in the processing of cast iron engine blocks and sintered alloy parts which are increasingly used for pursuing low fuel consumption, there is a growing demand for harder materials due to the increased load on the tool edge. . To meet this demand, the company has developed the SUMIBORON BN7000, which is capable of processing cast iron and sintered alloys at higher speeds and with higher precision.

The higher the CBN content of the CBN sintered body used to process cast iron and sintered alloy, the higher the hardness of the tool. The company further increased the sintering pressure based on the original 50,000 rpm and established a production technology capable of sintering solidified CBN particles at a higher density. The amount of binder material has been successfully reduced. Moreover, for adhesive materials that bond CBN particles to each other, the company has also developed new materials that can exert stronger adhesion. With these applications, SUMIBORON BN7000 can achieve 1.5 times the defect resistance of the original product.

In addition to the versatile standard cutter head treatment, the company also introduces the LF-type cutter head designed for sintered alloy machining applications, which emphasizes fast cutting, and strengthens the blade of the SUMIBORON BN7000. The blade type HS cutter head product. The LF type cutter can greatly suppress burrs and improve machining accuracy. The HS type cutter head exhibits stable defect resistance even in the intermittent finishing of the quenched and sintered alloy. With these three cutter heads, together with the CBN material "BN7500" for finishing sintered alloys, the machining of various shapes and materials of sintered components can be achieved.

The standard price of the standard product "2NU-CNGA120408" is 5,849 yen (including tax), which is the same as the company's original product "SUMIBORON" series.  

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