Curtain cleaning five steps to return you as a new curtain

Curtains are very easy to accumulate dust in the air for a long time in the long-term use. How to deal with the stains on the curtains is a very headache. Some dust on the surface of the curtain can be removed with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner, but cleaning must be used if there are some stubborn stains on the curtain.

1. Correct cleaning of curtains can be divided into four major steps. One is to remove the curtains and need to wash the parts. It is necessary to pay attention to the dust on the surface of the curtains carefully before using the feather duster and the vacuum cleaner. To use professional tools to disassemble the curtains, in the case of some parts stuck, do not use brute force to open the curtain cloth because of the opening of the surrounding card. I believe that everyone in the process of dismantling the curtains has encountered some cases of curtains, such as cards, Ding and other small parts falling, Xiaobian reminds consumers to use the special container to remove the small pieces when the curtains are removed.

2, there are many tips in the curtain soaking process. When the curtain is immersed, the specific detergent should be selected according to the material of the product itself. It is generally recommended to use a neutral detergent to soak the curtain. The liquid containing too much acid or alkali will cause certain damage to the fiber material inside the curtain. According to the material of the curtain, the soaking time is generally between 15 minutes and 60 minutes. For example, the curtain made of linen is thick enough for washing, and it is generally soaked for more than 1 hour. There is also a small trick inside, if you use warm water soaking during soaking, you can greatly shorten the soaking time of the curtains and make the curtain washing more convenient and quick.

3, there are many precautions in the curtain washing process. When you wash the curtains, you need to pay attention to the fact that the flannel, silk fabric and some high-grade fiber fabrics are not suitable for washing automatically. If there are kinds of fabric curtains, it is recommended. Hand wash or send it to a special laundry for dry cleaning. This is because such fabric fibers are relatively fine, and if the mechanical washing method is too strong, the fiber breaks easily.

4. There are also many major issues that need to be taken during the drying process after the curtains are washed. Everyone should know that the pigments of the fabrics are very prone to decolorization when exposed directly to the sun after washing. In daily life, when many people dry their clothes, they are drying the clothes on the opposite side. If the curtain fabric is washed like clothes, it will be very easy to discolor if it is exposed to the sun for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a ventilated and cool place to dry and let the curtains dry by yourself.

5, in the washing of curtains, there are actually many aspects that need attention. For example, when washing, the curtain decoration such as lace is removed as much as possible to prevent the curtain decoration from being damaged during the washing process or being cleaned due to overlapping washing. There are also curtains, generally try not to use a dehydrator to dehydrate, so that it can be dried naturally.

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