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When we are decorating, there are people in the family who have the conditions, we will go to the decoration company to design and decorate us. In addition to our money, we don’t have to worry about everything, including us. The design drawings, construction drawings, materials, material budget, decoration budget, construction team, supervision, and so on, then we are doing home improvement interior design renderings need us to do it? Do home improvement interior design renderings What do we need to pay attention to? Here I will tell you how to do the interior design renderings of the home improvement .


We have to do the interior design renderings of our homes. Our designers or cartographers have made them with computers. The traditional one is to draw the general lines with CAD and then import them into 3DMAX. Draw our actual renderings. Before we can do CAD renderings, we need to take a field survey to measure the size of our room, and then we can make drawings. The drawings made with 3DMAX are the same as the photos taken by our house. good results. It allows our users to visually see how our house is decorated.

When we do home improvement interior design, we need our color matching technology:

What are the color matching techniques for home improvement interior design?

1. If you want the color of our room to be lighter, our colors can be yellow or orange. If the carpet is orange, then the colors of our curtains, walls and sofas can all be white. , or in gray tones. Combining some green plants will make our space more harmonious. The atmosphere is more relaxed.


2, pink is also a very elegant choice, is rarely a woman's heart. Our sofas, curtains, and lampshades can all be pink, and the walls are milky white. The choice of warm light makes our space very warm and is very suitable for our girls to live and use.

3, soft color: If you want our space to be softer, our furniture needs white, the room can be partially dotted with some light blue. Let our space look very romantic.

4, elegant color: elegant, generally speaking, women are elegant, the color of the carpet can be rosy, the sofa can choose rose red, the color of the wall needs to be lighter, do reconciliation, if they are very Heavy colors will make our space look heavy. We put more green plants or murals to embellish our space, so that our space is more active and quiet when it is elegant.


What is the color matching principle of home improvement interior design?

1, the color of the match is the same as we wear clothes, in a space, the color can not exceed 3, except black and white. Gold and silver are how to match how to match, gold is not yellow, silver is not white. To make the feet lighter, the color of the top of the head must not be heavier than the color of the floor and the wall. Do not use the materials of different materials and different colors together. It is very taboo in our decoration industry.

2, color can affect our people's mood, if the space is generally too high, then we can use near-sensing, reducing the space's empty and empty feeling.

After reading the above picture about the interior design of the home improvement, we should know how the interior design renderings of this home improvement come from, but let us do it, if we have not learned the software, it will not. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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