Xiamen stone re-cleaning long-term treatment does not stop

Abstract "Banglong, rumbling", along with the illegal construction of the source of honesty stone processing factory in Lutang Community, Xiang'an District, Xiamen, collapsed under the hydraulic shear of the excavator, on July 27, with the remediation of stone enterprises Large-scale special joint law enforcement action started, Xiamen Xiang'an District started...

"Booming, rumbling", along with the illegal construction of the source of honesty stone processing factory in Lutang Community, Xiang'an District, Xiamen, collapsed under the hydraulic shear of the excavator. On July 27th, with the remediation of stone enterprises, the retreat was once again large. The special joint law enforcement action on the scale started. Xiang'an District of Xiamen started a tough battle for environmental pollution remediation, and five illegal stone enterprise buildings were forcibly removed according to law.

The hearts of the people: clearing the illegal mosaic factory stone factory

For historical reasons, Xiamen Xiang'an has a large number of mosaic factories and stone factories. It is time for them to withdraw from the historical stage. The relevant person in charge of the Xiamen Municipal Administration Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “Xiang'an District Law Enforcement Bureau”) said that at present, it is legal and compliant to clear the illegal mosaic factory and stone factory, and it is also the trend of the general public. Historical choices.

In order to further implement the central environmental protection inspector and upgrade the environmental protection inspector feedback, in March this year, Xiang'an District from the District Enforcement Bureau, District Economic and Trade Bureau, Xiang'an Environmental Protection Bureau, Xiangfa Group, investment group and other units to fine-tune personnel to set up a mosaic factory The comprehensive coordination office of the Leading Group for the Rehabilitation of Stone Processing Plants has determined the comprehensive mode of work, joint law enforcement, classification promotion, and overall retreat work mode. The rectification and retreat is fast and the results are remarkable.

According to reports, a total of 338 mosaic factories and stone processing plants in Xiang'an District, after the suspension of production from July 1, as of July 26, 313 have been cleared, the progress of the retreat 92.6%, once again created a pollution of stone enterprises "Xiang'an speed" in the field of remediation.

On July 27, under the direct leadership of the district committee and the district government, the district administration violated the lead, taking the Xindian Town Government as the main body of law enforcement, focusing on environmental protection law enforcement in the district, urban management law enforcement forces in the new store jurisdiction, public security, fire protection, traffic police, etc. With the assistance of strength, the joint law enforcement team of more than 300 people went to the scene of retreat, organized the dismantling of illegal villas and production facilities of five illegal mosaic factories and stone processing factories that were still secretly produced in Xindian Town, and demolished the illegal building area of ​​2,285.16 square meters. Meter.

The District Law Enforcement Bureau stated that the stone enterprises that refused to cooperate in the scope of retreat will be forced to implement classified disposition measures according to law; the other three unresolved illegal stone enterprises in the area under the jurisdiction of Xindian Town will be supervised and supervised, urging It speeds up the progress of self-demolition; at the same time, the district “Special Renovation Office of Stones” coordinates the power sector and will implement power outage measures for all illegal stone enterprises that have not dismantled production facilities on time in the jurisdiction of Xindian Town.

In fact, the effectiveness of the “two violations” in Xiang'an District has been highlighted since this year. As of July 30, the district has demolished 634,100 square meters of illegal construction, completed 74.6% of the annual mission target; and removed 164 new “two violations”. The area is 59,600 square meters, and the new "two violations" removal rate is 100%.

Care for the environment: comprehensive policy and long-term governance without stopping

Through small watershed remediation, the ecological zone, for a long time, Xiang'an District is striving for.

Disordered bullfrog breeding is a high-consumption, high-pollution industry, and it is the largest source of pollution in some local streams, causing great damage to the environment. Therefore, to fight the battle against water pollution, bullfrogs are inevitable.

The Xiang'an District Law Enforcement Bureau united the town street, the district environmental protection bureau, the district land and other departments to persuade the bullfrog farms within 500 meters of the small watershed, and to dismantle the unbuilt illegal bullfrog pool. As of July 28, the district had a total of 828 retreats, accounting for 97.86% of the total, and 482 were demolished.

Theft and excavation of kaolin not only violates the law, but also destroys farmland and ecological environment, seriously affects urban construction and the surrounding residents' lives, and brings great security risks.

At 9 o'clock on the evening of July 11th, the duty officer received a report from the masses, saying that someone was stealing kaolin near the gas station in the horse pond of the drumstick community in Xindian Town. The duty officer immediately went to the site to find out that someone was stealing kaolin, the duty officer. Subsequently, the personnel were notified to reinforce. After more than three hours of hard work, the three excavators were successfully detained into the temporary deduction point parking lot to stop this illegal act.

According to statistics, from January to July this year, the new store squadron detained a total of 17 earth-moving vehicles, 12 excavators, and 2 loaders, which smashed the arrogance of illegally robbed and trafficked kaolin. Since the stolen kaolin was secretly operated at night, the Xiang'an District Law Enforcement Bureau specially strengthened the night inspection of the pirate area, and arranged the personnel to carry out the whistle. The seizure of vehicles often continued until three or four in the middle of the night.

The Xiang'an District Law Enforcement Bureau said that it will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, adhere to the 24-hour combat readiness, implement "zero tolerance" on theft and excavation, resolutely eliminate illegal exploitation and trafficking of kaolin, and eliminate all indiscriminate and indiscriminate acts and protection. National mineral resources are not infringed.

Create an atmosphere: let the garbage classification consciousness reach people's hearts

While shouldering the responsibility of urban management, the Xiang'an District Law Enforcement Bureau also pays attention to doing a good job of propaganda, carrying out activities, creating an atmosphere, and cooperating with the people to jointly manage the city while strictly checking and handling illegal activities.

On the morning of July 27th, the law enforcement officers of the squadron of the bureau took a small gift and walked into the Xiang'an District Youth Education Practice Base and the “Starry Program” – 2018 “Hongjian Primary School Hall” to carry out the garbage classification lectures and pass the small hand. Pull the big hand and let the students take home the garbage classification consciousness.

With the opening of the street dance, the classroom atmosphere gradually became active. In this summer camp, combined with the lively and interesting question and answer method, under the guidance of law enforcement officers, the students actively participated in the summer camp trip. Added unforgettable memories.

Through various forms of publicity, we will strengthen publicity, deepen the community of residents, carry out all-round and three-dimensional waste sorting and publicity activities, and continue to create a strong atmosphere of urban management and joint management. A total of 800 copies of brochures and 300 souvenirs will be distributed.

The District Law Enforcement Bureau said that the next step will be to increase the propaganda of laws, regulations and policies, continuously transmit pressure, and comprehensively speed up the progress of rectification according to law. All towns (streets) will also be responsible for all mosaic and stone processing enterprises (individuals) within their jurisdiction. We will suspend production and conduct inspections on the rectification and retreat work. We will carry out “carpet-style” inspections in key areas, focus on rectifying and retiring enterprises, and focus on controlling and speeding up retreat.

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